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Colorado-based Aldebaran Technologies is a one-man operation which provides a wide variety of computer services, and has been since 1995.

The company's primary focus is on Web design, but it also offers consulting services, system administration, custom programming, networking, graphic design, custom music, database development, troubleshooting, video editing, and pretty much any other computer-related service you can think of.

Enough bragging. Nobody likes an ostentatious website. It would be pretty damn dull if it were only about self-aggrandizing corporate abilities.

That's why there are movie reviews here. They aren't really a company function, but are fun to read, and are quite unlike any other movie reviews out there.

So, if you need web design, click Web Design. If you need any other services, click Consulting. To learn more about the company (including where the name came from, because I'm sure you're wondering), click on Company Info. For a small list of helpful and interesting links, click on, uh, Links. But if you want to kill a little time (and maybe laugh a bit), go to the Movie Reviews.

Thank you for visiting the Aldebaran Technologies website, and I hope my company can be of service to you.

- David Schroeder, Owner


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